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JunkYard Cross 2017 - Race Details

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Daryl Evans Racing JunkYard Cross

Saturday, October 21, 2017

presented by

SORCE Bike Club

CX racing at it’s very best @ South Surrey Bike Park October 21st and proud to be part of the Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition Kazlaw Cup Series.

We have included almost every type of terrain in the revised 3.4km per lap course. An uphill road start will take you onto the gravel by the water tower, through the JunkYard Cross Village and past the Red Racer Beer Garden and onto the grass. As you pass around the water reservoir you will encounter off camber hills before you plummet back onto gravel and onto the BLT trail in the forest.  Scramble up the Drop Zone, the steepest muddiest section and back onto gravel. A second pass of the beer garden, (perhaps stop in on your way by) then back into forested single track before popping out onto the off camber grass and sidewalk climb. Reverse direction back down the hill while on the off camber swoopy grass then back up the hill on off camber grass along the perimeter of Softball City. We’ve got it all to challenge and entertain you . . .


PIZZA, BEER & PHOTO INCLUDED! - with your entrant fee.

Receive a voucher for 1 slice of pizza. Fresh and hot on site!

Each entrant of drinking age will also receive a voucher for 1 beer at the Red Racer Beer garden.  But you’ll probably want an extra at $4 per while you cheer your favourite racer as they ride by the beer garden twice per lap. Or perhaps they’ll need hydration.

Scott Robarts will be taking pro photos of your gritty race face so don't forget to show some teeth! Photos will be downloadable copyright free.




Cyclocross is a discipline of cycling that is growing quickly due to its accessibility (mountain bikes welcome in novice categories) and inclusive atmosphere (no one is serious here). With attainable race times (only 30-60 minutes!), short courses (usually around 2-3km’s), and fun factor (barriers, run-ups, dirt, loud spectators, prizes, smiles, beer garden and more), it’s no wonder everyone is eager to get their ‘cross on!



JunkYard Cross is also part of the Vancouver Cyclocross Coalition Kazlaw Cup Series.  For series information and current standings, please go to:



Located at the South Surrey Bike Park in South Surrey Athletic Park, 22nd Ave and 146th Street. The Daryl Evans Racing JunkYard Cross Village is located by the water tower. Parking all around with lots of prime space for team tents. 



Registration closes 15 minutes prior to each race.

Pre-Registered: $35 online.  (Plus processing fee and taxes)   Day-of: $45 (cash only) 
U19, U17, U15, U13: $15 online.  (Plus processing fee and taxes)    Day-of: $20 (cash only) 

Please pre-register online until 7:00pm, Friday October 20, 2017.  Save cash, make race day run smoother.



Call-Up – will be based on VCXC series standings.



We will be using the VCXC timing system with RFID tags. PLEASE bring the tag that you received at a previous race. This saves alot of time at check-in and helps keep the costs down.



cbc license & single event insurance information:
- one day and bc ride licenses can race in any category outside of elite. 
- one day and bc ride licenses however will not be eligible for bc premier series points or provincial call ups.
- one day and bc ride licenses will not be eligible to win the provincial championship
$10 ($5-u17) one day event insurance will be available during registration. Riders are eligible to race 

US riders with domestic license can purchase a 1 day license for $12.  Proof of out of country medical coverage is also required.



Elite Men and Women
Master A & B, Men and Women 40+
Intermediate Men and Women
Novice Men and Women
Single Speed
U13 to U19 Men and Women

*Category race age is as of December 31, 2018 (UCI rules)



There will not be any restrictions in regards to type of bike or tire size for U13-U19, Novice and Intermediate races. 

Elite races will be subject to UCI rules when it comes to bikes and tire size.  



Self feeding, but you’ll be riding by the beer garden twice on every lap so no excuses for not hydrating! (Beer Garden opens at 11, earlier if we can!)



We have the COOLEST award medals  . . . period!   Given to top 3 finishers in each category.  Elites are 5 deep.   
Elite Men & Women - cash and medals: 1st - $175.,  2nd - $140.,  3rd - $105.,  4th - $70.,  5th - $35.


SWAG, SWAG and more SWAG!    
We have so much swag you'll think Santa made an early stop! We randomly pick winners from the entrants list and hand them out at each respective podium ceremony. Everyone is eligable to win! Must be present to win - we won't chase you down.



8:15 am -   Registration Open    
8:30 am -  Course Open    
9:30 am -   RACE #1 Novice Men, U15 Men, U13 Men 30 min
  Course Time Open after last racer   
10:30 am - RACE #2 Intermediate Women, Masters Women, U19 Women, U17 Women  
Novice Women, U15 Women, U13 Women 
45 min
30 min
10:45 pm -  Beer Garden Opens Red Racer Beer Garden - Central City Brewers & Distillers  
  Course Time Open after last racer   
11:45 pm - RACE #3 Intermediate Men, U19 Men, U17 Men, Single Speed 45 min
12:15 pm -  Podium Race #1 and #2  
12:45 pm - Kids Race    
   Course Time Open after last racer   
1:45 pm - RACE #4 Elite Men
Elite Women, Masters A Men, Masters B Men
60 min
45 min
3:00 pm -   Teardown Begins after last racer  
3:15 pm - Podium  Race #3 + #4  
4:30 pm - Beer Garden Closes Aaaawwwwwww!  

Subject to change - check schedule out race day

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