Surrey Off Road Cycling Enthusiasts - ride, build, learn, preserve.

SORCE Purpose

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"Ride, Build, Learn, Preserve"

The following is an excerpt from the Constitution of the Surrey Off-Road Cycling Enthusiasts Society


The Name of the Society is the Surrey Off-Road Cycling Enthusiasts Society, and will use the acronym SORCE.


  1. To assist in the management of the South Surrey Bike Park.
    1. Planning
    2. Construction
    3. Maintenance
    4. Revegetation of decommissioned trail.
  2. all of the above in cooperation with the City of Surrey, and Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest Advisory Committee

  3. To provide programs for the benefit of the membership and the public
    1. Education, with respect to safety, responsible cycling, trailcare, bicycle maintenance, and skills development
    2. Activities, such as local races and cycling trips
    3. Fundraising to offset costs for events and services
    • To promote responsible cycling and to improve access for off-road cycling through Member advocacy
    • To promote the environmental and health benefits of cycling.
    • To promote a positive community spirit and rider camaraderie.

    Upcoming Events

    December 2021

    SORCE 2021 Annual General Meeting - Dec 9.


    The Bike Zone

    Thursday Ride - Solo rides SSBP. 

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