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SORCE AGM 2014 minutes

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Surrey Off Road Cycling Enthusiasts

SORCE – Annual General Meeting

Minutes - Unapproved

November 27, 2014 at Central City Brewing

The acting President, Dale Tiessen, called the meeting to order at 7:25pm.

Dale welcomed all past and new members. Reviewed the agenda for the AGM

and reminded all in attendance that they need to be SORCE members to vote.


2013 AGM minutes are not available to approve at this meeting. Contact

- Member Jonathan Stibbs passed away a year ago and it is proposed to

- Kids Race – was originally scheduled for summer, then rescheduled to

- Biggest achievement of the year – Invergarry Bike Park re-opening. 

Dale - if you have concerns about the past minutes.

recognize him by re-naming a trail “Jayride” in his honour at SSBP.

October. 33 kids raced from ages 3 and up. Successful event and good to

see all the young ones and future riders.

and John put a lot of effort into this park which now has all-season ride-

ability with the new structures and drainage. Events this year: pump

track race, grand opening, jump jam, and planting 200 trees and shrubs.

- Twoonie races were successful

- 2 kids camps were run by Travis. He would like to see even more kids

come out and possibly add an adult camp next year.

- Certificates of Appreciation for this year’s sponsors were handed out to

representatives in attendance and will be delivered to those not in

o City of Surrey

o Central City Brewing

o Velocity Cycles

o Peninsula Cycles

o The Bike Zone

o Rocky Cycle

o Buchanan Printing

– The award originated many years ago to recognize the member who

gets most involved. This year it is presented to Wilma Proctor for

her diligent work at the treasurer but mostly because she has been

in attendance helping out at pretty much every event this year.

- Copies of the financial report are available to anyone.

- SORCE started the year with $10,062.88 and as of October 31, 2014 there

is $5,300.14 in the account with a few outstanding items left to pay.

- Major expenses

o Building materials

o Fees, dues, insurance, etc.

o Marketing and promotional materials (jerseys, socks, brochures, etc)

o Race expenses

o Training for Endless Bike Camps

- Club’s revenue comes primarily from sponsorships.

- Applied to the City of Surrey for a community grant of $5,000.00

. We had 92 memberships added

this year (family memberships count as 1 membership).

- Expenses to build at Invergarry came from City of Surrey

- There are now 7 bike parks in Surrey including pump tracks:

South Surrey, Invergarry, Port Kells, Latimer Lake, and Cloverdale.

. We need more

members to support each park.

- There is a co-operation with the Delta Watershed (The Shed) Bike Club

and a hope that our clubs will join together.

- It is a challenge to sign new members; we have a good following on social

media but this is not corresponding to an increase in membership. Many

memberships are added when races are held as it is mandatory for racers

to join to meet our insurance requirements.

A motion to accept the financial report as presented. Travis seconded.

As presented on the meeting Agenda, some wording changes have been

proposed to update the club’s Constitution.

- Two changes in the language of the constitution to make it inclusive of all

bike parks in Surrey and not limit it to South Surrey Bike Park and to

change the number of directors of the society.

- Motion by Dale Tiessen to accept the proposed wording for the first

resolution. Garvey seconded the motion. Majority in attendance accepted.

First resolution is passed.

- Motion by Dale Tiessen to accept the proposed wording for the second

resolution. Travis seconded the motion. Majority in attendance accepted.

Second resolution is passed.

- It was suggested to recognize past member, Jim Richardson for his

contributions. Proposed to rename SSBP after Jim but he declined the

- No more questions or comments posed from the floor.

- Director of Advocacy – nominations: Dale Tiessen accepts the nomination.

No other nominations from the floor. Dale Tiessen is elected by

- Secretary/Treasurer/Membership – nominations: Wilma Proctor has

accepted the nomination in absentia. No other nominations from the

floor. Wilma Proctor is elected by acclamation.

- Race Director – nominations: Kyle Baillie accepts the nomination. Mike

Dolling is nominated from the floor, he accepts and is seconded by

o Mike’s background – 8 yrs with SSBP and 5 yrs on the executive organized two races at ssbp during 2014.

o Kyle’s background – member of SORCE for 15 yrs, SORCE membership director 2014.

- It is put to the floor to vote by a show of hands: 25 votes for Mike; 7 votes

for Kyle. Mike Dolling is elected by majority vote.

- Director of Marketing – nominations: Derek Kost accepts the nomination.

No other nominations from the floor. Derek Kost is elected by

- Vice President – North – nominations: John Proctor accepts the

nomination. No other nominations from the floor. John Proctor is elected

by acclamation.

- Vice President – South – nominations: Vince Samuels accepts nomination.

Peter Faliswoski declines nomination. Garvey Allisen accepts nomination

from the floor by Frank Amirati and seconded by Ken Bognar.

o Vince’s background – Created Chainless trail, Jayride, and Dynamite roll, countless hours of work on the trails in the SSBP. 

o Garvey’s background – 15 yrs on SORCE executive . He would like

He is a racer and supports the race community.

contribution to the bike park

to see SSBP jumps more like Invergarry. He can represent SORCE

to the City of Surrey.

- It is put to the floor to vote by a show of hands: 11 votes for Vince; 24

votes for Garvey. Garvey Allisen is elected by majority vote.

- President – nominations: Travis Strain accepts nomination. Peter

Faliszewski is nominated by Larry and accepts. Seconded by Garvey.

o Travis’s background – runs various volunteer groups for 5 yrs. He was Port Kells bike park director in 2014 and ran the kids camps during 2014

o Peter’s background – he is addicted to volunteerism and mountain

 and wants to see change and to do

things a new way.

biking. He has served in the reserve forces, run his own

businesses, volunteered for over 30 years with Cypress Mtn, PAC,

soccer, as a performance driving instructor and as on SORCE. He

- It is put to the floor to vote by a show of hands: 9 votes for Travis; 27 Peter

- Dale moves to close the elections. Seconded by Bryson. Elections are

supports the redeveloping of SSBP and Invergarry and wants to

implement a new funding strategy.

votes for Peter. Peter Faliszewski is elected by majority vote.

- President-elect Peter Faliszewski speaks to the floor.

- Mapping the Delta Watershed bike park is planned similar to the new

- Latimer Lake – needs major renewal. An unnamed major sponsor has allegedly stepped up.

- Pump Track Enduro – Dynamite Roll trail to connector to Chainless Larry

- Called up Parker and Elliot, the two youths who volunteered to fix up the dirt jumps

map created by Peter for South Surrey Bike Park.

- Question posed from the floor about root rot problem. Deferred as this

trail to J-Ride. A good course in SSBP for spectators.

dirt jumps at SSBP. Peter presented them with keys to the tool shed so

they can work there whenever they want.

was not on the agenda and not addressed when floor was opened to

Dale Tiessen proposed to accept the AGM as presented. Moved by Bryson and

seconded by Derek. AGM is accepted.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

Annual General Meeting 2014 agenda

1. Welcome

2. 2014 Year in Review

3. Sponsor Recognition

4. Golden Shovel Award

5. Financials

6. Special Resolution (change in constitution)

A. Purpose of Society


To assist in the management of the South

Surrey Bike Park.

i) Planning

ii) Construction

iii) Maintenance

iv) Revegetation of decommissioned trail

all of the above in cooperation with the City

of Surrey, and Sunnyside Acres Urban

Forest Advisory Committee


To assist in the management of all Bike

Parks in the City of Surrey

i) Planning

ii) Construction

iii) Maintenance

iv) Revegetation of decommissioned trails

all of the above in cooperation with the City

of Surrey, and other stakeholders.

A. Directors and Officers


28. The President, Vice President, Secretary,

Treasurer, and one or more other persons

shall be the Directors of the Society.

29.The number of Directors shall be

determined at a General Meeting.


28. The President, Vice President North,

Vice President South, Secretary, Treasurer,

and optionally one or more other persons

shall be the Directors of the Society.

7. Floor open to any SORCE Member to speak

8. Elections

Director Advocacy



Race Director





9. Planning for a great 2015 


Upcoming Events

April 2021

SSBP Trail Day - April 24, 10am

Summer 2021

Toonie Races? - TBA

The Bike Zone

Thursday Ride - Solo rides SSBP. 

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