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Test of Metal-2006 Tales from the Tail End

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June 22, 2006

The Test of Metal for me this year was fun, but man, was I slow!

The last time I did the test was 2004, and it was over 30 degrees that year. I didn’t drink enough in the first half of the race, and as a result my first cramp came on the Ring Creek rip, followed by 10 or 20 more. Most of them caused me to drop my bike and fall to the ground for several minutes, usually weaving a tapestry of profanity that may still be hanging over the area.

If the cramps weren’t enough, one screw came out of my right cleat on the nine mile, so my shoe would turn, but it wouldn’t unclip. Try riding down the Plunge and Crumpet woods with leg cramps when you can only dab with the left foot.

Junkyard Dog Chronicles

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April 2006

Saturday morning was not the best conditions for a mountain bike race unless you like to play in the mud. It was absolutely pouring at the start of the race, but fortunately it eased off to heavy rain near the end

The Junkyard Dog (JYD) race starts out with a short uphill and then you do a few kilometers on the pavement before getting into the trails. They do this to add a little distance and to spread the riders out because passing is difficult on the single track

24 Hours of Precipitation

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September 3-4, 2005

Flashback if you will to last years 24 Hours of Adrenaline race. In the afterglow of the third place finish in our inaugural event an exhausted racer commented, "That was harder than I thought it would be. Thanks God it didn’t rain. Could you imagine what that would be like?"….

Oscar Wilde once said "be careful what you wish for—you just might get it" Despite not actually wishing for rain, we had clearly tempted fate by even contemplating the possibility of foul weather. Come on, it’s still summer right? We had so much fun at this race in 2004 that SORCE returned to Whistler with two teams this year.

Trans Rockies Race 2005

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These are some of the many thoughts, experiences and feelings that I had during the TransRockies 7 day, (approx.) 670km mountain bike race, from Fernie BC to Canmore Alberta. The race ran from 7th to the 13th August 2005 and featured over 12,000 metres of climbing, and temperatures ranging from 35C to –1C.

SORCE Takes on the World

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After a 20 year hiatus, the World Masters Games returned to Canada, with 25,000 athletes from around the globe participating in a host of sports. The World Masters Games allows anyone over 30 years of age to participate without qualifying in a multitude of individual and/or team sports.

Brain Freeze-Winter Riding at it’s Best

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The alarm goes off a 6 am on this Sunday morning. I am regretting that last bottle of cab shiraz and the late night last night as I reluctantly roll out of my toasty bed. Yesterday it was your typical winter "monsoon" and I dare to peek out the front window for an on the spot weather update. Thankfully the deluge has stopped. I gear up and head downstairs for a quick breakfast and load up the Explorer with my cycling essentials. We are heading down for an International Road Trip Ride to Mt. Galbraith near Bellingham so an additional post-911 necessity is my newly minted Canadian Passport.

Xterra’s Xhausting

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A normal guy’s view of the Maui XTerra Adventure Race by Dave Richardson

It was an interesting week but I wouldn't recommend a holiday where one of you is competing and the other isn't as I'm not sure hanging with her uptight husband was enjoyable for Wendy.

Thanks For Nothin!

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You are likely aware that "Mountain Biking" has a bit of a negative connotation with some members of the outdoor recreation community. However, it is more than just optics driving the choice of "Off Road" Cycling Enthusiasts in the SORCE moniker. It’s because there are no damn mountains in Surrey! With this in mind Jonathan Stibbs, Frank Ammirati and I had just the plan for working the pumpkin pie off our middle aged torsos. An early morning jaunt to the Shore on Thanksgiving Monday.

Biking With Brenda II

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The Kettle Valley trail is an abandoned rail bed situated between Hope and Midway, this trail is part of the Trans Canada trail system covering 800 K across BC including the Galloping Goose trail on Vancouver Island.

24 Hours of Excedrine

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SORCE Team Chain Suck’s catchy, yet ironic, moniker was the brainchild of Team Captain, Jonathan "Jonny J" Stibbs. Len’s version was perhaps a bit too 18A for general consumption. Little did we know when we planned to take part in the Whistler version of the 24 hours of Adrenalin that our team of middle aged average guys would take third place in our division.

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