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We had both booked time off before the long weekend and finally it was here! Our mini vacation to the heart of mountain bike land in this the year of our engagement! Wednesday night we pulled into Kamloops around midnight and found out that it really does get cold at night in the desert. We snuggled hard and we snuggled good.

Thursday we fumbled through town, picking up fuel and chocolate, on our way to Sun Peaks Resort. As  a side note, stop at the little store just as you turn off to go up the hill, awesome people run it, they have more booze than groceries and wide genuine smiles for everyone.

When we pulled into Sun Peaks we both thought it was very cute, smallish but nice. We mounted the chairlift and were given a view of Route 66 an A-line type trail with lots of hits and fast flowy berm ( I loved it the minute I saw it) We hit Route 66 as a warm up run and by the end we hadour game on! We were amazed and delighted by the variety of trails in the park. Sweet, sweet single track to fast, flowy shore style to bermy bikercross.

You cannot get bored....You also cannot tell when enough is enough. I figured this out on a double black at the end of the day when I sailed hip first into something hard. I squealed to my future husband that I had really done it this time and fell to the ground. By the time he got back up to me I was shaking and couldn't move my right side the pain was so intense. I had just enough left in me to croak " is my bike OK?" Sure enough she survived with minimal damage to her gear cable.

I however was left for the bears until the fantastic people on patrol came by to help hand my ass back to me. After a preliminary check, they strapped me in to a stretcher fitted with a giant wheel ( picture a downhill uni-stretcher) and proceeded to carry/belay me down the rest of a double black diamond run. These people were star improvisers, my fiancée at their sidegently gliding me over skinnies, drops and creekbeds.  I don’t know how much better I could have done on my cushy 8 and 8 bike. We laughed, we shared tales from the trails and when the ambulance took me away I vowed to write a few good words for them.

I was released from the hospital packing some great painkillers and after a day of rest was ready to hit Silverstar. Yet another epic day, literally hooting and hollering down the runs, we were little kids again. We finished up the weekend with some local Kelowna trails and came back home feeling elated, exhausted and shiny.

One fractured finger and a hematoma later we are planning when to go next year. Maybe if we load the truck the night before we can leave after the wedding reception?

Nicole Moeller

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