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SORCE meeting minutes

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SORCE bike club executive meeting minutes
March 20 2014

1. Vote to approve January 23 2014 minutes - motion passed
2. Marketing briefing: 2014 DH & XC Jersey vote: approved. 50 SORCE T shirts vote: approved. 2 new SORCE banners & sponsor banner vote: approved. Stickers vote: approved. Washable Tattoos to be looked at as future SORCE promotional product. Toonie race and Endless biking camps posters and webmarketing to take place prior to first race & camps
3. Invergarry update: Alpine will begin Run bike line, green & Blue jump lines construction in mid-late April 2014. SORCE will provide volunteers for final grooming and replanting in affected areas of the park. Invergarry Grand reopening to be planned for June or July(TBD once Alpine has finished) Invergarry tools/wheelbarrows were recently stolen out of our lock box. The City of Surrey will be supplying us with new tools and increasing box security.
4.Port Kells Update: plan for 2014 is to improve pumptrack and overall site drainage. Jumps will receive further dig days to groom them. The possiblity of a SORCE hired contractor will be looked at with cooperation from COS. New signage for SORCE bike club trail maintenance to be installed soon
5.Latimer Update: recently some crossed logs have been removed, further improving access to the existing trails. The 2014 focus is improving park usage and showing a MTB presence in the park. SORCE group ride to be organized soon
6.SSBP update: The City of Surrey recentlt removed some riding hazards (old rotten woodwork etc...) We are working on replacing the woodwork in logical places. New signage for SORCE bike club trail maintenance to be installed soon
The idea was raised for an NEW site plan from a professional Bike Park company such as Alpine Bike Parks. The existing pump track and jump area. Removal of brick wall. increase Bike park site visibility and utilize the space better in the jump area and close to the water tower (with inclusion of a skills area)
The idea of Consistent SIgnage accross all SORCE parks wa raised. replacement of many outdated, weatherworn, and mislabelled signs is a key issue. Alpine Bike Parks was suggested as they are making signage for Invergarry and are familiar with Surrey signage standards and risk assesment.
7. Bike camps update: Six SORCE members passed the MBIT level 1 course from ENdless Biking. We are now capable of offering Intro & LEvel 1 Endless Biking courses in SSBP. We are currently waiting for the business licence and operation permit approval from the COS. Camp exec will work on a schedule for the upcoming season and submit soon
8.Toonie Race update: Race insurance will be purchased before the first race date April 13. Timing software (webscorer) will be purchased and distributed to apprporiate Ipads prior to race. Preregistration info will be place online soon.
9. LMBA coop: We are looking into cooperating with the LMBA LAngley mountain bike assoc. in a similar way to SORCE/SHED coop.

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